Chocolate with axé

A factory created in the land of Cocoa cannot have anything other than a lot of axé, right? That’s why we honor the Bahian roots of Kaê chocolates by putting a lot of axé and love into our products!

Kaê Chocolates

Since he was a little boy, the creator of Kaê was already interested in chocolates: at the age of 10, Jorge Klotz made bonbons only for his own consumption (like a good Taurus who loves to eat). Dedicated, right?

Years passed and Jorge went to work in other areas, until, in his early 30s, he had to move from São Paulo to Ilhéus. Thus, by the grace – or irony – of fate, the São Paulo native found himself immersed in the world of cocoa. That’s when a love story and a lot of study became the Kaê we know so well!

Jorge Klotz

“Chocolate is a universe of its own, and the more you get to know it, the more you fall in love with it. It is a product full of peculiarities and, many times, extremely difficult, but which involves the things I love most in the world: creativity, technique, manual work and food!”

—Jorge Klotz,

Owner of Kaê Chocolates

Impacts and ingredients of Kaê

You know that saying “one swallow doesn’t make a summer”? It is for this reason that Kaê only uses organic ingredients from small/micro producers and partner suppliers in northeastern Brazil. Cupuaçu, for example, is bought from Carlinhos, a great friend who produces crystallized cupuaçu on a small scale in Ilhéus. Licuri is bought from a cooperative in the interior of Bahia, where the caramelization of the fruit is also carried out. Nibs (used in our white chocolate) and cocoa all come from Ilhéus and region.

It is important to emphasize that Kaê is a small factory and, therefore, our environmental impact is also small. With that in mind, we created packaging (which modesty aside is beautiful) with the eureciclo seal.

Now do you understand why Kaê has so much axé?